USDM Now Trading on DeGate DEX with 5% Annual Yields

We’re excited to announce a game-changing addition to DeGate DEX — USDM, an innovative yield-bearing stablecoin. What makes USDM stand out? A remarkable ~5% annual interest paid out to its holders!* This is not just trading; it’s earning while you trade.

USDM, a product of Mountain Protocol, sets a new benchmark in the stablecoin space. Distinctively, it is a yield-bearing stablecoin that passed through the yield from US Treasury bills. At current T-bill rates, this is ~5%.

DeGate stands at the forefront of this innovation. DeGate’s USDM-USDC pair has unmatched good liquidity and volume. Proudly, we’re currently the top exchange on CoinGecko for USDM trading! And there’s more — DeGate is the most cost-effective option for trading USDM, boasting the lowest fees and zero slippage on limit orders.

On DeGate, claiming your USDM yields is as easy as a click. Our one-click Claim function enables you to effortlessly get your earnings. Trading USDM on DeGate elevates your typical trading. While you place a limit order or hold funds in balance with USDM, your funds aren’t idle; they continue to earn yields, adding a layer of profitability to your trading activities. Excitingly, USDM can also significantly boost your returns in grid strategy, combining the benefits of regular grid profits with additional yield earnings.**

We welcome you to try USDM today, helping you to Trade Easy Sleep Easy on

USDM information:

*Mountain Protocol passes through the yield from short term US Treasuries to users, providing an ultra-safe, moderate return to users on their USD holdings. The yield at any point in time depends on the short Term US Treasury rate.

**As always, DYOR is a rule of thumb. We encourage users to look into USDM and make their own choices. DeGate does not assume responsibility for USDM’s potential risks, and solely offers the trading platform.


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