DeGate Monthly Update- October 2023

Welcome to DeGate October 2023 Ecosystem Update!

DeGate allows you to Trade easy, Sleep easy. DeGate DEX is a decentralized trading protocol that enables Ethereum spot market Limit Order trading while being in self-custody of your funds.

DeGate a ZK-Rollup DEX on Ethereum mainnet. DeGate has no fees for traders-makers and very low fees for taker trades. DeGate has a special feature for traders not available on other DEXs- a decentralized grid trading strategy. Trade on DeGate DEX now:

DeGate product update

DeGate pays special attention to the security of the protocol and is designed in a way that no malicious actor can do any evil, while users’ funds are safe at all times. Placing the protocol’s safety as the key priority, DeGate has been running a $1.11 million Bug Bounty with Immunefi. This November, DeGate has redeployed the Mainnet Beta protocol, improving the security and features of the protocol. The Mainnet Beta protocol has been redeployed with the ability to upgrade the smart contract with a time delay. The exact time delay is being determined, but should be a substantial period of time in the region of 30 days or more. Read more details on DeGate Medium.

We thank all the users who have provided us with feedback to make DeGate a better and more efficient decentralized trading protocol. Taking into account the suggestions from traders, we have made a number of important updates in October. Specifically, the new user onboarding process has been significantly improved, which now allows traders to enter order information in order to place orders directly. After a quick completion of initialization, traders can immediately place orders with funds in their wallet without any wait. Users can now view order details from the order list area on DeGate trading page. It is also now possible to reorganize and simplify all the information in the confirm order window.

One of the frequent pieces of feedback provided by users was that the term ‘Pre-auth gas fee’ is not clear. We have renamed it to ‘Max Gas fee’ with more details available on how the Max Gas fee is derived and how users can customize the number of trades. Another notable modification that was implemented following users’ feedback was improving the BUY and SELL interface. Now, the button for switching between BUY and SELL is changed to a tab control to create a visual distinction from the order placement button. One more improvement that has been implemented thanks to users’ feedback was removing the input box of the price in the Market Order.

DeGate highly appreciates your feedback, this helps to create an Order Book DEX that is convenient and efficient to use for all of you- DEX traders. Please share any suggestions that you have to DeGate evangelists via official DeGate social media channels.


DeGate at ETH Milan

This October, DeGate visited Milan, Italy, to meet local Ethereum maxis and introduce DeGate Order Book DEX to passionate traders. ETH Milan has attracted 1000+ participants, from Italy and international communities. DeGate was a proud sponsor of ETH Milan and had a special DeGate ‘The Blue Dream’ during the event- the room was not to be missed! DeGate had a bespoke ‘Trade easy, Sleep easy’ bed, reflecting DeGate’s motto- you can trade easy on DeGate’s efficient and easy to use DEX, while placing Limit Orders on DeGate DEX allows you to sleep easy at night.

DeGate organised a fun photo competition for ETH Milan attendees, inviting them to take the most creative photos on DeGate ‘Trade easy, Sleep easy’ bed.

Congratulations to the winners of the photo contest, Ionut Gaucan together with The Crypto Gateway!!

During ETH Milan, DeGate hosted a VIP Traders Dinner for select DEX traders and also a football tournament for the crypto-sports aficionados! DeGate football tournaments are already well-known among the Ethereum community around the World. Follow DeGate on Twitter to find out where the next Footy DAO football tournament by DeGate will take place!

Sofia Crypto Meetup

On 25th of October, DeGate evangelists were invited to attend Sofia crypto meetup in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The event was held in a co-working space with around 40 people attending. DeGate received plenty of interest, especially how DeGate has brought the Order Book trading back. While Order Book trading was previously a feature only of Centralized Exchanges, with DeGate, traders can trade Limit Orders on Order book on Ethereum mainnet.

We are grateful to Sofia crypto meetup and its leader Vlad, shout out to DeGate new Bulgarian frens!

Dubai Crypto events

Dubai was abuzz with a plethora of crypto-related events throughout the month of October. Notable gatherings included the WOW Summit, Future Blockchain Summit, Crypto Oasis event gathering ICP, Bitcoin Suisse and M2, the exciting 1inch party, and the inauguration of RAK DAO in Ras al Khaimah, to mention a few. Dubai has forcefully emerged as a leading global hub for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, drawing participants from all corners of the world. DeGate evangelists had the privilege of attending these dynamic crypto events in Dubai. According to them, the atmosphere was charged with positivity, and attendees were eagerly anticipating the growth of the crypto ecosystem. Dubai has introduced comprehensive crypto regulations through VARA- Dubai Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority, with numerous crypto projects now seeking to adhere to VARA’s guidelines. In a significant development in October, Ras al Khaimah, another Emirate in the UAE, unveiled RAK DAO, aspiring to establish itself as a central hub for decentralized autonomous organizations- DAOs.

To gain further insights into why Dubai has become a pivotal player in the crypto sphere, read Lou Kerner’s enlightening article ‘Why I am moving to Dubai’.

DeGate at Devconnect

Meet DeGate evangelists and learn about DeGate Order Book DEX at the leading Ethereum gathering in Istanbul- Devconnect. Devconnect is a week-long gathering of independent Ethereum events to learn, share, and make progress together. Istanbul will host some outstanding community-led Ethereum events, including ETHGlobal Pragma, ZK Days, Solidity Summit, ETH Infra day, just to name a few. One of the prominent events during Devconnect is L2DAYS, organized by Ethereum Layer 2 industry experts, the L2BEAT team.

DeGate is thrilled to be sponsoring and participating at L2DAYS Istanbul, make sure you visit the event and meet DeGate evangelists there!

DeGate is looking for Contributors:

DeGate is looking for talented contributors.

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About DeGate

DeGate is an Order Book DEX on Ethereum built with Zero-Knowledge technology. DeGate provides a possibility to trade the spot market with Limit Orders on a DEX. In addition, DeGate offers a decentralized grid trading function.

DeGate is focused on being user-friendly and is built on the principle of Trustlessness, or ‘Can’t do evil’. Users can expect super-low gas fees that are the result of DeGate’s special Efficient Gas Saving technology. This innovation ensures significant gas savings while maintaining a decentralized protocol.

DeGate also enables permissionless listing, meaning that any token can be listed in a permissionless manner through an open listing mechanism. DeGate Mainnet Beta is live on


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