DAO site for DeGate

Having a DAO, usually means that there is a site where people can use the DG token for voting on decisions, for now I don’t see any place for using the DG tokens or vote in anyway.

I would prioritize the creation of it, and put transparency on how decisions are made. You can take a look in platforms like this one


A DAO is only a DAO if people does vote. If people can vote but nobody knows how except the creators, then is a centralized system.

Nobody is mandating you to call the DG platform a DAO, but if you advertise it as such, then in my opinion you should comply with some minimums. You could also say, that will be converted to a DAO, or something that is not misleading.

Same with DEX and CEX, the exchange is created in a centralized, close source? (you tell me) relay server, so call it a DEX is very generous, of course is also not a CEX in the same way as binance is, it is somewhere in the middle and as such it has advantages over traditional CEX, but does that make it a DEX?


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I agree!

Looking forward DG token capture value from DeGate long term success.

Good idea

First, daily snapshots of the DG holdings in the user’s spot account will be taken from time to time, and votes will be allocated to each account based on the daily average holdings, with every 100 DG = 1 vote. Secondly, all community members vote to decide whether and how to implement the DG token utility plan.

Can you make your reply a bit more clear? from where does this info comes from? the team? a page?

it is just my suggestions that I learned from other CEX, and that’s how they did.