Welcome to DeGate

Welcome to DeGate community!

DeGate is an Ethereum Layer 2 DEX.
We are on a mission to make decentralized exchange trading mainstream.
DeGate is governed by a DAO- which means, governed by the community.

Here is the place for DeGate community to engage and discuss all things about DeGate and Layer 2 trading.

:white_check_mark: Treat others with respect

:white_check_mark: Make friends

:white_check_mark: Participate in discussions

:white_check_mark: Learn about DeGate (DYOR)

:white_check_mark: Ask questions (after DYOR)

:white_check_mark: Keep threads on topic

:white_check_mark: Challenge the status quo

:no_entry_sign: No solicitation, legal or otherwise

:no_entry_sign: No speculative price discussion

:no_entry_sign: No attacking others

:no_entry_sign: No inappropriate language or content

Advice to follow:

:warning: Don’t share private key or password with ANYONE under any circumstances. Be careful of any private messages.

:warning: Be suspicious when someone asks you to send funds