In Search of the Holy Grail 2.0 (Part 1) - BitGulu

BitGulu was an early investor in Bitcoin and the original co-translator of the Ethereum whitepaper into Chinese. In this much-awaited piece, he takes stock of his earlier predictions in his seminal work “In Search of the Holy Grail”, and makes bold new ones.

The article was originally published in Dec 2020 by BitGulu, one of the lead evangelists of DeGate, and translated into English with the permission of the author in 2021. To read the full article, click on the link here :arrow_right:

In the article, the author made a comparison between BTC and ETH. In his words, he agrees that Bitcoin has surpassed the development of smart contract platforms simply because the genesis of BTC was on an earlier time frame. The technological advancement of the smart contract platform, represented by Ether, is slower than the change in perception towards Bitcoin.

However, the progress of Ethereum is evident and there’s overwhelming growth and support from the ecosystem. We see the progression towards building ETH 2.0, the escalation of DeFi space - paralleling to seemingly endless mobile games on the app store.

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