How can I use the DeGate bridge to participate Arbitrum Oddyssey?

I see the DeGate project on the poster.
So how can I use the DeGate bridge to participate in this event?

:point_right: To participate in the Arbitrum Odyssey, you have to explore various projects on the Arbitrum ecosystem. The community voted on which projects to choose, which range from gaming, DeFi and NFTs.
:point_right: The first week of Arbitrum Odyssey is the bridging week. Use DeGate Bridge ( to bridge your funds to Arbitrum!

Some tips for using DeGate bridge (
:white_check_mark: Recommended transaction size: less than 20000 USDCor less than 20 ETH
:white_check_mark: If slippage point is too high, it is better divide into multiple transactions
:white_check_mark: Average time to bridge to Arbitrum and back: 5-10min
:white_check_mark: Transaction fees: free, only paying the ETH gas fees.

:exclamation:Only #ETH bridged will be counted for participation during the bridging week.
:exclamation:No minimum amount is required.

For all the bridging related questions using #DeGate Bridge ( during your Arbitrum Odyssey, join our dedicated Discord ( channel!