Expectations and Imaginations for DeGate Testnet

DeGate Testnet is coming soon! Do you know what features will be launched this time in our Testnet? What are your favorite features you would like to see in our upcoming Testnet? Please let us know! Welcome to expand your imagination and discuss enthusiastically!

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  1. UI/UX should be easy to navigate, so that a noob can trade with it.

  2. Speed in executing transactions

  3. Since it will be built on ETH, I believe security and scalability won’t be an issue.

  4. Lastly, would there be a transaction history page for me to see the transactions I have done so far. It will be great if that can be monitored on the platform.

Goodluck team!

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Least I forget :sweat_smile:, a mini tutorial on how to trade using the DEX will be great too! Maybe on a different homepage or before executing a trade for the first time (more like a pop ad). Cheers!

Looking forward to getting features to inform users on what the current backlog is, what the current throughput is, and where your order roughly stands in the queue.

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I know testnets are a critical step in the process of releasing new technologies. The testnet will make this tech solid and will bring lots of traction to the project. Looking forward to it.