DeGate x Bihu: The Web 3.0 Era Explained

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DeGate is proud to partner with Bihu (, a premier crypto community with over 1 million users, creating a deep analysis of blockchain! We’ve an article translated from the Chinese and published with the permission of the author* 白话区块链(

Learn more about the six of the most important directions for Web 3.0 to watch today, full article link :arrow_right: DeGate x Bihu:. The Web 3.0 Era Explained. Six of the… | by DeGate Team | DeGate | Medium

What is Web 3.0? :thinking:
Web 3.0: Blockchain, IoT, and AI, etc., data-based, de-trusted, and disintermediated value interconnection

Key topics the article dive into :sparkles:

  1. Money: BTC, USDX, Algorithmic Stable Coins, ETH
  2. Underlying Public Chains: ETH, DOT, Cosmos, Dfinity
  3. Storage: Filecoin, Storj, AR, Crust
  4. Networks: NKN, HNT
  5. Middleware: Link, GRT, Mask
  6. Privacy and identity: Horizen, DID

A penny How would you describe Web 3.0 in one sentence? :thinking:

  • Make Internet Great Again?
  • Bringing ownership of data back to everyone?
  • Free flow of information and value?