DeGate Ecosystem Update - October 2021

Hi All! Here’s a summary of what DeGate has been up to & we have much exciting news to share :sparkles:

We dive into exclusive topics such as:

  1. Product & Tech Update, DeGate Bridge and DeGate Layer 3 mark a milestone in DeGate DEX development!
  2. Ultra-Efficient Gas- Saving (UEGS), DeGate is expected to complete technical designs in November :bell:
  3. DeGate Community Ambassadors, the no. of DCAs is reaching 32 with more than 7800 impressions made!
  4. DeGate Mascot :tada: DeGate DAO has launched the Mascot Naming & NFT competition!
  5. Abitrum & DeGate AMA with Arbitrum’s co-founders Steven Goldfeder and Ed Felten
  6. #L2Show discussion is promoted on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, LinkedIn & Tiktok! Don’t miss our latest video!
  7. Crypto Events :earth_americas: Yes DeGate was in London, Lisbon, Dubai and Shanghai in October!

To find out more, do click on the full article! Link here :arrow_right:


One correction, in article says : “among the best bridges” but it isnt. Degate bridge is currently best solution in every segment compared to competitors. Its even cheaper with additional L2 to L2 bridging cost.
Great job