DeGate Ecosystem Update - November 2021

Welcome back to DeGate Ecosystem Update for the month of November!

We’re excited to share with you DeGate’s latest news :bell:

  1. Product & Tech Update, This month, the DeGate team was hard at work building the DeGate Orderbook DEX and Layer 3 “matchnode” alpha version
    We made great progress in the following:
  • Almost completed Circuit and Smart Contract development :zap:
  • API SDK for GO/PYTHON/NODEJS will be ready in December
  • We project that the Orderbook and Layer 3 matchnode will go into the first round of audit on Smart Contract and Circuits in December
  1. Research, we completed the1st version of the Ultra-Efficient Gas-Saving, and we have already started implementation :clap:

  2. DeGate Community Ambassadors, the no. of DCAs is reaching 36 with more than 8500 community members reached!

  3. DeGate Mascot :space_invader: We wrapped up the mascot naming competition with 6,530,000 DG votes, and the community has spoken, their favorite mascot name is……drum roll……GOO! Soon, you will have a chance to meet our official DeGate Mascot Goo in our Mascot Emoji Contest :tada:

  4. #L2Show
    WATCH the latest episodes here:

  1. SPECIAL EVENT: Layer 2 Virtual Seminar in Partnership with Coindesk
    Register at this link NOW to confirm your seat: Why Layer 2 will change the game for Ethereum

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