DeGate Ecosystem Update-June 2022

Welcome to DeGate June 2022 Ecosystem Update!

DeGate is Limit Orders, Decentralized on Ethereum. DeGate protocol allows you to do spot limit order trading with all the benefits of trading on a DEX. Zero-Knowledge rollups and Efficient Gas Saving Technology make trading on the DeGate DEX protocol high-speed and efficient.

DeGate is built on the principles of permissionless, trustlessness and decentralization. DeGate DEX protocol provides permissionless token listing, which means anyone can list a token by adding the smart contract address. Expect liquidity mining programmes for new token pairs to be added to DeGate DEX when it goes live.

In May, all hands contributing to DeGate are focused on the DeGate Mainnet Beta launch. The countdown has begun!

Product & Tech Update

Mainnet Beta Launch

Following the successful launch of Testnet, we’re excited to share that DeGate is preparing to launch the Mainnet Beta version. The Mainnet Beta will be exclusive to holders of the Early Adopter Pass NFT and other key members of the community. The expected launch is this summer. Do you want to be among the first to trade on DeGate DEX? Look out for the details of DeGate Early Adopter Pass NFT campaign below.

Besides preparing for the launch of Mainnet Beta, the tech team has also been focusing on the design of the mobile version and optimising system stability and performance. Key accomplishments include:

  • Zero downtime upgrade on all components was implemented;
  • Protocol performance was improved;
  • Significant work was done to ensure a secure trust setup solution for the initialisation of our Zero Knowledge rollup;
  • Internal testing of DeGate Trading SDK was completed and the documentation was updated;
  • Security audit with one of the audit firms was completed.

DeGate Testnet

Have you traded on DeGate Testnet yet? ACCESS HERE

If you can’t wait for Mainnet, you can already use DeGate functionalities on the Ethereum Rinkeby network using test tokens:

  • Register your Metamask account with DeGate
  • Test how depositing/ withdrawing from smart contract works
  • Set-up automatic trading strategies using DeGate grid trading
  • List any token by adding its contract address

More info about using DeGate testnet HERE


DeGate Early Adopter Pass NFT Mint Campaign

Trade on DeGate DEX First!

Are you a passionate trader keen to be the first to try the latest products? Get DeGate Early Adopter Pass and be among the first to trade on DeGate. DeGate Early Adopter Pass NFT enables its holders to access DeGate Mainnet Beta when it goes live.

Follow DeGate on Twitter and join DeGate Discord to receive the latest updates about DeGate and ask questions about the Early Adopter Pass NFT campaign.

Crypto Conferences

Consensus 2022

DeGate was present at Consensus 2022 this year in Austin Texas, a not to miss event in the crypto ecosystem. 20,000 attendees were present in Austin to talk about the latest trends of the bear market and developing the future of blockchain technology.

Watch the Consensus 2022 Aftermovie HERE.

During Consensus 2022, DeGate Lead Evangelist Agne Linge filmed a series of #L2Show episodes, watch them on DeGate YouTube channel:

SUBSCRIBE to DeGate YouTube channel to see the latest videos.

ETH Barcelona 2022

DeGate is proud to be participating in ETH Barcelona this year to support the Ethereum community, spread the word about DeGate, forge new friendships and nurture existing ones.

Are you heading to ETH Barcelona this July? Make sure you visit DeGate booth and send us some pictures with DeGate swag!

More info about ETH Barcelona

DeGate is looking for Contributors!

DeGate is looking for talented contributors.

Apply or refer fantastic candidates as contributors to our project!

We have launched 2 Bounty Programs to reward public referrals as well as Recruitment Agencies / Headhunters who can recommend suitable candidates to us. It’s simple, refer or introduce candidates to us, and get paid up to USD10K!

For more info, visit:

DeGate Referral Bounty Program

DeGate Recruitment Agency Bounty Program

We are looking for the following positions:

You can also regularly check out this link for the most updated list of available positions!

About DeGate

DeGate is Limit Orders, Decentralized on Ethereum. DeGate provides possibilities to trade the spot market with Limit Orders with the benefits of trading on a DEX.

DeGate is a Decentralized Exchange protocol built on zero-knowledge technology. It fills a key gap in the market by providing spot order book trading and grid trading within the Ethereum ecosystem, offering an experience similar to centralized exchanges.

Besides being user friendly, DeGate is built on the principle of Trustlessness, or “Can’t do evil”, with no admin key.

You can expect super-low gas fees that are the result of DeGate’s special Efficient Gas Saving technology. This innovation ensures significant gas savings while maintaining a decentralized protocol.

DeGate also enables permissionless listing, meaning that any tokens can be listed in a permissionless manner through an open listing mechanism. Expect DeGate Mainnet Beta on Ethereum this summer.

We can’t wait to show you all that we’re building, with more to come. See the DeGate orderbook demo HERE.


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