DeGate Ecosystem Update - June 2021

Welcome to DeGate June Ecosystem Update!

Keypoints :pushpin:

  1. Product & Tech Update, DeGate has completed the L1-L2 Bridge development and testing, and has been setting up its own Arbitrum node :hugs:
  2. Community (Discord: , DeGate Community Ambassador: contact us via mail to:, DeGate YouTube Channel:
  3. Media :clapper: : CryptoCoinShow, watch DeGate CMO Alvin Lee talking about what does it take to build a decentralized trading protocol, DeGate, and what makes it special LINK HERE :arrow_right: Alvin Lee, Evangelist of DeGate | Blockchain Interviews - YouTube

To learn more about June Updates, do click on the full article! Link here :arrow_right: DeGate Ecosystem Update. June 2021 | by DeGate Team | DeGate | Medium