DeGate Ecosystem Update - July 2021

Welcome to DeGate July Ecosystem Update!

The goal of DeGate is to make decentralized trading cheap, fast and secure! :100:

Key insights to note:

  1. Product & Tech Update, we’d like to give you a sneak peek into our “magic” technology of zero-knowledge proofs, which we are implementing in DeGate’s special Layer 3 match node. To read the Introduction to the zero-knowledge proofs by the DeGate team :arrow_right:
  2. Community: 10+ DCA were recruited and 2,300+ community members were added as for July 2021 :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  3. DeGate Mascot!
  4. AMA with Blockcast! Read the questions and answers about DeGate :arrow_right:
  5. DeGate is hiring !
  • Community Manager, Singapore or Remote
  • Finance Manager, Singapore
  • Researcher, Singapore/ Shanghai
  • Product Manager, Singapore/ Shanghai
  • Backend Service Engineer, Singapore/ Shanghai
  • Web Front-end Engineer, Singapore/ Shanghai
  • Senior Smart Contract Engineer, Singapore/ Shanghai
  • DevOps Engineer, Singapore/ Shanghai
  • Zero-knowledge Engineer, Singapore/Shanghai

[Apply here](mailto:

To find out more, do click on the full article! Link here :arrow_right: