DeGate Ecosystem Update - January 2022

January 2022

Welcome to DeGate January 2022 Ecosystem Update!

DeGate is Limit Orders, Decentralized on Ethereum. DeGate protocol allows you to do spot limit order trading with all the benefits of trading on a DEX.

We are excited to update you on what we have been up to during the first month of 2022!

Product & Tech Update

Testnet Launch
DeGate has exciting news to announce! DeGate testnet version will be available to everyone in early February 2022.

It is an exciting time at DeGate when all the work and innovation is put into practice. The tech team is confident in the product, the circuit and smart contract development is completed and the 2nd round of audit will be started in early February.

DeGate brings Limit Orders to spot decentralized trading with an efficient orderbook that is equipped with zero-knowledge technology. DeGate has a unique feature: Ultra-Efficient Gas Saving Technology (UEGS), pioneered by DeGate, that significantly reduces gas costs when trading on DeGate DEX protocol. UEGS v2 and UEGS v3 have been developed and integrated with testnet.

Recognizing that UEGS technology is of great importance for finding the Product Market Fit (PMF) of DeGate, the research team successfully improved UEGS’s efficiency off the 1st version that was first established in November 2021. In fact, the team accomplished two iterations within one month of January, resulting in the 2nd version with gas efficiency improvement of ~20%, and the 3rd version of another ~10%. Furthermore, the tech team has already completed the implementation based on the 3rd version of the design. Verification and testings are undergoing, and are expected to finish in early February.

Expect an efficient Limit Orders spot trading while benefiting from trading on a DEX. DeGate — Limit Orders, Decentralized!

ETH Denver 2022

DeGate stands strongly by the values of the Ethereum community and is excited to be participating in Ethereum conferences in 2022.

DeGate starts with ETH Denver in February 2022, where DeGate is a Block sponsor. Expect tasks from DeGate during the ETH BUIDLathlon, and win bounties!

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Meet DeGate Lead Evangelist Agne in Denver this February and learn more about DeGate. Contact Agne

Community Activities

DeGate organises bi-weekly giveaways on DeGate Discord channel. Join our Discord for the latest campaigns and announcements!


Farewell to 2021

At the end of 2021, DeGate hosted End of Year AMA, where DeGate presented developments during 2021 and answered the most important questions. Read about the AMA and the most interesting questions about DeGate in the Q&A:

DeGate is looking for Contributors!

Come and join DeGate! Or refer fantastic candidates as contributors to our project! We are looking for talented individuals to contribute to our project!

We have launched two Bounty Programs to reward public referrals as well as Recruitment Agencies / Headhunters who are recommending suitable candidates to us. It’s simple, refer or introduce candidates to us, get paid up to USD 10K!

For more info, visit:

DeGate Referral Bounty Program

DeGate Recruitment Agency Bounty Program

We are looking for the following positions:

You can also regularly check out this link for the most updated list of available positions!

More about DeGate

DeGate is Limit Orders, Decentralized on Ethereum. DeGate provides possibilities to trade the spot market with Limit Orders with the benefits of trading on a DEX.

DeGate is a Decentralized Exchange protocol built on zero-knowledge technology. DeGate fills a key gap in the market by providing spot orderbook trading and grid trading within the Ethereum ecosystem, offering an experience similar to centralized exchanges.

Besides being user friendly, DeGate is built on the principle of Trustlessness, or “Can’t do evil”. You can expect super-low gas fees that is the result of DeGate’s special Ultra-Efficient Gas Saving technology, which ensures significant gas savings while maintaining a decentralized protocol. DeGate also enables permissionless listing, meaning that any tokens can be listed in a permissionless manner through an open listing mechanism. Expect DeGate testnet to be live soon, and Mainnet on Ethereum later this year.

DeGate brings Limit Orders to spot decentralized trading with an efficient orderbook that is equipped with zero-knowledge technology. See DeGate orderbook demo HERE.



This is exciting news. Great job DeGate team

Kudos to one of the hardworking team on the Blockchain ecosystem. I am super excited about the Testnet, I can’t wait to try it out and share my experience on the UI, and other functions especially the gas efficiency improvement that is up to 10% - that sounds interesting! Let’s do this🤩

It’s great to see the efforts your team makes on the Ethereum ecosystem. I have registered for the ETH Denver conference, hope to win a bounty… Hehe!