DeGate Ecosystem Update-December 2022

Welcome to DeGate December 2022 Ecosystem Update!

DeGate allows you to trade easy, sleep easy. DeGate protocol allows you to do spot limit order trading with all the benefits of trading on a DEX. Zero-Knowledge rollups and Efficient Gas Saving Technology make trading on the DeGate DEX protocol high-speed and efficient.

DeGate DEX protocol enables permissionless token listing, which means anyone can list a token by adding the smart contract address. Expect a solid selection of tokens to trade and liquidity mining programmes.

DeGate is built on guiding principles of “permissionless, trustlessness and decentralized”. DeGate decentralized exchange allows you to trade having a similar experience to a centralized exchange, except that you are in full custody of your funds.

DeGate decentralized trading protocol differs from the majority of the DEXs, which are based on AMM, Automated Market Maker and conduct a swap while interacting with a smart contract. Such AMM DEXs do not allow the user to select a price of execution or set limit orders. DeGate, in contrast, is an Order Book DEX, which enables trade spot market with limit orders. Read more about DeGate’s Order Book Approach HERE.

Twitter Thread: Trading crypto on Order Book DEX- DeGate DEX Approach

Product and Tech Update

In December, the tech team focused on the following key aspects of the DeGate DEX protocol:

  • Frontend security solution was launched: the front-end code related to key management can now be deployed independently and can be deployed in an unmodifiable decentralized storage tool;
  • User Experience has been improved;
  • Performance Testing of the Order Book system is being conducted.

Last month, the research contributors to DeGate also explored the mechanics of the deposit mechanism. DeGate aims to provide a deposit mechanism that is both convenient and secure. The research team has finalized the design for such a quick deposit mechanism, under which a user can expect to have his/her deposits available in roughly half a minute. It is now in the development pipeline and is expected to be completed in the next few months.

In December, the team started a new round of smart contract code and circuits code audit before incentive bug bounty. Stay tuned for more information soon!

DeGate Exodus Mode

DeGate is built on principles of permissionless, trustlessness and decentralized. Trustlessness means that the protocol is run by a code, and on DeGate this can be proven with Exodus Mode. Anyone can trigger a transaction to enable Exodus Mode of DeGate protocol and withdraw tokens from DeGate smart contract in the unlikely case of 15 days of protocol inactivity.

As DeGate DEX on Rinkeby network was deprecated, Exodus Mode was successfully tested. Read more about DeGate Exodus mode and the actual test HERE.

Watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to invoke DeGate Exodus Mode and withdraw tokens directly from DeGate smart contract HERE.


Ethereum Events 2023

2022 was a hardworking year for the Ethereum community, with plenty of opportunities to meet with fellow community members and developers, participate in hackathons and listen to inspiring leaders. DeGate is proud to be contributing to the Ethereum ecosystem and continue to do so. We have strong faith in Ethereum and its roadmap and will continue building the most efficient decentralized trading protocol.

DeGate evangelists participated in key Ethereum events last year, including ETH Denver, Devconnect week in Amsterdam, ETH Barcelona, ETH Bogota, Devcon Bogota and ETH Vietnam, just to name a few. We look forward to continuing DeGate’s involvement in the Ethereum community in 2023 and are excited that Ethereum Global has already published its list of planned hackathons for 2023. Check out what is planned for this year by following this link.

DeSpace: DeGate Twitter Spaces

As the trust in the centralized crypto ecosystem has eroded due to the failures of centralized entities such as FTX, the crypto community started talking more and more about self-custody, the benefits of DeFi and the fate of CEXs versus DEXs.

DeGate hosted another Twitter spaces, DeSpaces, about Decentralization, Self-Custody, DeFi and CeFi, with DeGate evangelist Agne Linge, DC of METIS Elena Sinelnikova, and Willy Ogorzaly from Shapeshift.

You can play the recording of the DeSpace HERE.

In the meantime, DeGate evangelist Andrew participate in another Twitter space with Coinstats, where he spoke about ‘Going CEXsless’ together with SuynFuturesDeFi. Play the recording HERE.

DeGate End of Year AMA

DeGate held its End of Year AMA 2022 at the end of December to review the achievements of the year and look forward to 2023.

DeGate DAO wants to thank all DeGate supporters who participated in the AMAs throughout the year, asked questions and won prizes. Your questions and interest are greatly appreciated and important to us.

DeGate wants to thank GALXE, previously Project Galaxy, for providing an innovative platform to engage with our community and reward them with On-Chain-Activity tokens, OATs. Everyone who spent more than 15 min on DeGate Discord AMA channel is eligible to claim their OATs. This time, 215 NFT OATs were minted!

The year 2022 was an intense and good year for DeGate- the decentralized trading protocol was launched on Ethereum Rinkeby network and is now running on Ethereum Goerli network. DeGate trustlessness has been successfully tested by invoking Exodus Mode on the Rinkeby network.

During the last year, Ethereum has Merged and is improving to become an increasingly more efficient engine for transaction execution and settlement. The ecosystem demonstrated the failures of centralized entities and exposed their vulnerabilities. DeFi and on-chain finance is proving to be a more reliable choice, providing security and transparency features.

DeGate has created an efficient decentralized trading protocol on Ethereum that has the features and user interface of centralized exchanges, except that it is a DEX with user self-custody.

DeGate Content Contest

To celebrate the end of 2022, DeGate has announced DeGate Content Contest. We are inviting users to try DeGate DEX, register an account, place a few trades, review your experience- make a video or write about it- and win a prize of 1000 USDC!

More information can be found HERE. The Content Contest runs till January 31st!

DeGate is looking for Contributors

DeGate is looking for talented contributors.

Apply or refer fantastic candidates as contributors to our project!

We have launched 2 Bounty Programs to reward public referrals as well as Recruitment Agencies / Headhunters who can recommend suitable candidates to us. It’s simple, refer or introduce candidates to us, get paid up to USD10K!

For more info, visit:

DeGate Referral Bounty Program

DeGate Recruitment Agency Bounty Program

We are looking for the following positions:

You can also regularly check out this link for the most updated list of available positions!

About DeGate

DeGate, which operates as a DAO, is an orderbook DEX on Ethereum built with Zero-Knowledge technology. DeGate provides a possibility to trade the spot market with Limit Orders on a DEX. In addition, DeGate offers a grid trading function.

DeGate is focused on being user-friendly and is built on the principle of Trustlessness, or ‘Can’t do evil’, with no Admin Key. Users can expect super-low gas fees that are the result of DeGate’s special Efficient Gas Saving technology. This innovation ensures significant gas savings while maintaining a decentralized protocol.

DeGate also enables permissionless listing, meaning that any token can be listed in a permissionless manner through an open listing mechanism. Expect DeGate Mainnet on Ethereum later this year.


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One thing I’m grateful for in 2022 is discovering DeGate. Looking forward to 2023 with you.

Looking forward to all the exciting new updates and events in 2023. WAGMI