DeGate Ecosystem Update-August 2022

Welcome to DeGate August 2022 Ecosystem Update!

DeGate is Limit Orders, Decentralized on Ethereum. DeGate protocol allows you to do spot limit order trading with all the benefits of trading on a DEX. Zero-Knowledge rollups and Efficient Gas Saving Technology make trading on the DeGate DEX protocol high-speed and efficient.

DeGate DEX protocol enables permissionless token listing, which means anyone can list a token by adding the smart contract address. Expect a solid selection of tokens to trade and liquidity mining programmes.

DeGate is built on principles of permissionless, trustlessness and decentralization. DeGate is launching on the Ethereum mainnet first and aligns with the values of Ethereum, while remaining chain agnostic.

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Product and Tech Update

This month, DeGate tech team is focused on protocol audit and security. The team is going deeper into the code and is conducting several rounds of internal reviews in order to guarantee 100% security of the protocol.

The research team held an internal seminar on topics of Proto-Danksharding and Danksharding in the month of August. We will be following closely on the deployment of EIP-4844, in preparation for developing DeGate subsequent releases.

DeGate DEX protocol has been running on Testnet on the Ethereum Rinkeby network since April 2022. As the preparations for the Mainnet launch accelerate, DeGate DEX will be migrating to the Ethereum Goerli network soon. Read on to find out why DeGate testnet needs to migrate to the Goerli network below. Access DeGate Testnet HERE.

What will happen to your tokens on DeGate Rinkeby network? You will be able to invoke Exodus Mode and withdraw them- this will be a good test to see how DeGate Exodus Mode works. Exodus Mode means that in the unlikely scenario where any mandatory withdrawal has not been processed for more than 15 days, anyone can trigger a transaction to enable the Exodus Mode of DeGate protocol. Read more about Exodus Mode on DeGate docs.

The Merge

The whole Ethereum community and anyone that has an interest in Web3 is eagerly awaiting for The Merge. This is when the Ethereum blockchain will migrate from Proof-of-Work (POW) to Proof-of-Stake (POS).

As part of the migration process, Ethereum testnets have to migrate to POS as well, and only Goerli network will be available after the merge. The good news is that Goerli successfully transitioned to PoS shortly after the network’s total block difficulty crossed 10,079,000 on August 11.

WEN Merge? The Bellatrix upgrade, which begins the final countdown, is set to activate on 6 September 2022. The Merge itself will be completed at some point between 10–20 September.

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DeGate Monthly AMA powered by Project Galaxy

DeGate is conducting Monthly AMA on Discord, where you can learn about the latest developments at DeGate and ask questions. DeGate’s Monthly AMA is powered by Project Galaxy, and all attendees who spend at least 15min on the DeGate AMA Discord channel can claim their On-Chain Achievement Token #GalaxyOAT.

Last month, 494 DeGate supporters claimed their DeGate Supporter OAT! See DeGate Project Galaxy Space HERE

Join DeGate Discord and learn WEN is the next DeGate Monthly AMA. Participate, ask questions, and claim your #GalaxyOAT!

Community events

DeGate stands by the values of Ethereum and supports the Ethereum community.

DeGate is proud to be participating in ETH Bogota, DevCon Bogota and the DAOist Bogota, which will take place between October 7–14, 2022. DeGate has been developing as a DAO, is keen to learn and contribute to the DAO community and has been an active contributor to the DAOist organization.

DevCon Bogota

DevCon Bogota is the conference for all Ethereum developers, researchers, thinkers and makers. The aim of DevCon Bogota is to bring them all together and accomplish important goals around community growth, help make real-world use of Ethereum’s technology and to further it. DevCon is more than just one event, it is a diverse set of meetups, sub-conferences and workshops.

DeGate DAO stands by the values of Ethereum and is committed to contributing to its ecosystem and its growth. DeGate DAO aims to contribute to Ethereum public goods by supporting education, fostering the knowledge of DeFi and supporting those building it.

Catch DeGate DAO evangelists in Bogota to learn more about DeGate and how you can join as a DeGate evangelist!

LINKS: DevCon Bogota

DeGate is looking for Contributors!

DeGate is looking for talented contributors.

Apply or refer fantastic candidates as contributors to our project!

We have launched 2 Bounty Programs to reward public referrals as well as Recruitment Agencies / Headhunters who can recommend suitable candidates to us. It’s simple, refer or introduce candidates to us, and get paid up to USD10K!

For more info, visit:

DeGate Referral Bounty Program

DeGate Recruitment Agency Bounty Program

We are looking for the following positions:

You can also regularly check out this link for the most updated list of available positions!

About DeGate

DeGate is Limit Orders, Decentralized on Ethereum. DeGate provides possibilities to trade the spot market with Limit Orders with the benefits of trading on a DEX.

DeGate is a Decentralized Exchange protocol built on Zero-Knowledge technology. It fills a key gap in the market by providing spot order book trading and grid trading within the Ethereum ecosystem, offering an experience similar to centralized exchanges.

Besides being user friendly, DeGate is built on the principle of Trustlessness, or “Can’t do evil”, with no admin key.

You can expect super-low gas fees that are the result of DeGate’s special Efficient Gas Saving technology. This innovation ensures significant gas savings while maintaining a decentralized protocol.

DeGate also enables permissionless listing, meaning that any tokens can be listed in a permissionless manner through an open listing mechanism. Expect DeGate Mainnet on Ethereum later this year.

We can’t wait to show you all that we’re building, with more to come. See the DeGate orderbook demo HERE.


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More milestones achieved by the DeGate team. Kudos.

August was great, can’t wait for what September has to unfold. Anticipating Mainnet launch🚀

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to hearing the good news soon. Good luck🚀

Wonderful updates. Well done team!
Are there new features to be expected on the Mainnet?
And will there be rewards for early users of the mainnet?

I think there hasn’t been any talks about rewards yet. Keeping my fingers crossed anyways.

Very excited to hear new updates from the team soon :crossed_fingers: