DeGate Ecosystem Update - August 2021

Welcome to DeGate August Ecosystem Update!

We are excited to update you on what we have been up to in August!
Key updates:

  1. Product & Tech Update,
  • Completed prototype design of orderbook feature for mobile users
  • Completed review of UX improvements for our L1-L2 Bridge
  • Completed zero-knowledge proof circuit coding for trading/refer fee calculation and canceling of orders
  • Started and actively designing grid trading feature
  1. DeGate Mascot! :space_invader:
  2. #L2 Show on DeGate DEX YouTube Channel:
  3. Community Contest :moneybag: :moneybag: giveaway of $DG tokens worth $2,800 to passionate followers of DeGate who can answer questions about DeGate’s product roadmap
  4. EDCON, DeGate was proud to take part in the conference along with the leaders of the Ethereum community- Vitalik Buterin, Aya Miyaguchi, Edward Felten of Arbitrum, Sergey Nazarov of Chainlink, and others! :clap:

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