DeGate Ecosystem Update-April 2022

Welcome to DeGate April 2022 Ecosystem Update!

DeGate is Limit Orders, Decentralized on Ethereum. DeGate protocol allows you to do spot limit order trading with all the benefits of trading on a DEX. DeGate allows permissionless token listing and also has a grid trading feature- set up your own ‘buy low and sell high’ strategy and run it.

DeGate Testnet is LIVE! Access HERE

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DeGate is excited about the Mainnet launch, which is expected in the SUMMER!

Product & Tech Update


DeGate Testnet has been successfully running since its launch and DeGate is preparing for the Mainnet on the Ethereum Mainnet network. The team at DeGate is pleased with the way the DeGate DEX has been shaped, continuously improving, adding features and taking feedback into account as well as paying high attention to security.

The feedback from the community has been excellent- DeGate is introducing a novel and highly efficient DEX that enables trade spot Limit Orders, decentralized.

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Navigating DeGate: The First Decentralized Order-Book Exchange

Since the launch of Testnet, DeGate has been collecting feedback and testing in order to prepare for the Mainnet launch. Major features of Testnet implemented this month:

  • All open Limit Orders can be cancelled with one click right now
  • More links to Deposit and Withdraw on the trade page have been added
  • Notification of order when it is filled and cancelled has been added
  • The price is filled in automatically when entering the trade page
  • Status of Deposit and Withdraw is more precise
  • All the numbers of Orderbook have been formatted
  • A new process of permissionless token listing and adding token pairs has been implemented

DeGate tech team is working on improving the performance of the protocol to make it handle higher transaction per second (TPS) throughput and more trades per day. At the same time, the team is working on the stability of the protocol. That includes focusing on robustness- meaning that if the system has fault tolerance, it can still work if an error happens. Also, the focus is on availability- meaning 0 downtime when the system is doing an upgrade, a new feature and a new version is being introduced.

The team at DeGate is confident in providing an efficient- fast, cheap and decentralized- DEX protocol to trade the spot market in a decentralized way. DeGate is a new type of protocol based on a Zero-Knowledge (ZK) rollup which allows for spot trading through Limit Orders, similar in experience to a centralized exchange. The ZK technology powers a “match node” matching orders between traders, periodically recording the transactions on a mainnet. This ensures a faster, cheaper trading experience that is still secured by Ethereum. Crucially, the protocol is designed such that fees are low for takers of trades, and free for makers of trades.

To further reduce gas fees for users, the protocol has pioneered gas saving features including:

Gas Saving Deposit: Depositing into a DEX protocol often incurs a high one-time fee. DeGate has created a gas-saving deposit option. This option is based on a “simple transfer” rather than a “contract call”. This method can reduce the one-time gas deposit fee by up to 75%.

Efficient Gas Saving (EGS) technology: This innovation was built specifically for DeGate protocol, ensuring significant gas savings while maintaining a decentralized protocol.

DeGate is excited to launch on the Ethereum Mainnet soon. In the meantime, liquidity mining plans are being polished, and API SKD documentation is being completed. Also, DeGate new website is up, check it out!

Testnet Review

At the beginning of April, DeGate did Twitter Spaces AMA with DeFi educators DeFi Slate. We discussed decentralized spot Limit Orders, what grid trading actually is and how Efficient Gas Saving Technology works.

Watch out for the next Twitter Spaces by DeGate and DG token giveaways!

Check out DeGate Testnet review by DeFi Slate:

Navigating DeGate: The First Decentralized Order-Book Exchange


DG token redemption for KEY tokens

The voting on the proposal containing the details of the second phase of DG token redemption for KEY tokens was completed and the plan of action has been confirmed. The community-building event of KEY to DG token redemption has been initiated.

Read more about this on DeGate Medium.

Crypto Conferences

Crypto and special Ethereum-focused conferences are very much happening this year. There is so much development in the space, that it is challenging to keep up. DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs and rapidly increasing numbers of new crypto users- crypto is definitely coming mainstream. In the background, builders, developers and visionaries continue to improve the ecosystem and make the use of blockchain scalable and efficient. Among the topics during the crypto meetups are Zero-Knowledge technology, MEV, Layer 2, and DAO processes- shout out to all the people that continuously build and bring the vision to the ecosystem!

DeGate is taking part in crypto and Ethereum meetups, building relationships with the community and educating about decentralized trading. In April, DeGate took part in the Paris Blockchain Week, later heading to Amsterdam for Devconnect Amsterdam and a plethora of events: Layer Two Amsterdam, the DAOist Global Governance Gathering, How to DEX and others.

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Paris Blockchain Week

At Paris Blockchain Summit, a noticeable focus was on crypto use for financial institutions. Digital asset custody for institutions, Metamask Institutional, Ledger Enterprise- these are the services that were presented during the Summit at the famous Palais Brongniart in Paris- the former stock exchange with a historical significance. Top names in crypto were present, including FTX, Binance, Huobi, Coinbase, Ripple and many more.

DeGate evangelist was glad to meet associates from Messari, Amber Group, Paraswap, speak to Cointelegraph, Hacken, SwissBorg, and speak about DeGate DEX protocol.

DevConnect Amsterdam

DevConnect Amsterdam was focused on building: developers worked hard throughout the week and longer, participating in hackathons, learning new skills and networking with the Ethereum and crypto community. You could see and hear important voices in the crypto community- Vitalik Buterin, Anthony Sassano, Justin Drake, and Ed Felten, just to name a few.

DeGate, which operates as a DAO, participated in the DAOist Global Governance (GGG) gathering, taking part in the DAO community activities and paving the way forward for the DAO-governed organizations.

DeGate Lead Evangelist Alvin Lee gave a speech a the DAOist GGG on the Rise of Crypto Nation, while Andrew Gan spoke about the differences in trading on DEXs vs CEXs at the How to DEX conference.

Read about DeGate experiences in Amsterdam HERE.


DeGate is participating in the Permissionless conference in Palm Beach, Florida this May. Permissionless is set to be one of this year’s hottest events. Shaping up as ‘the cultural event of the year’, it will assemble 5,000 attendees, and 120+ speakers, with a mix of artists, gamers, developers and investors.

The three-day event will bring together the most forward-thinking names in the industry. Among the speakers are Chris Dixon, the General Partner of Andreessen Horowitz VC, Haseeb Qureshi, the Managing Partner of Dragonfly Capital, Do Kwon, the Founder of Terra, and others. DeGate Lead Evangelist Alvin Lee is also among the speakers at the Permissionless.

DeGate evangelists look forward to taking part in Permissionless! Will you be there? Come to the DeGate booth, next to Ledger and Metamask, say hi, and get DeGate swag!

Arbitrum Odyssey

Shout out to Arbitrum and it’s Odyssey! Arbitrum Odyssey is a 2-month long initiative that will give users the ability to experience different on-chain Arbitrum ecosystem projects and in return, receive exclusive NFTs designed by Ratwell & Sugoi!

The Journey will officially begin in mid-May. The first week will involve onboarding assets into Arbitrum — use DeGate Ethereum- Arbitrum bridge to get to the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Follow Arbitrum and DeGate on Twitter for the latest updates.

DeGate is looking for Contributors!

DeGate is looking for talented contributors.

Apply or refer fantastic candidates as contributors to our project!

We have launched 2 Bounty Programs to reward public referrals as well as Recruitment Agencies / Headhunters who can recommend suitable candidates to us. It’s simple, refer or introduce candidates to us, get paid up to USD10K!

For more info, visit:

DeGate Referral Bounty Program

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We are looking for the following positions:

You can also regularly check out this link for the most updated list of available positions!

About DeGate

DeGate is Limit Orders, Decentralized on Ethereum. DeGate provides possibilities to trade the spot market with Limit Orders with the benefits of trading on a DEX.

DeGate is a Decentralized Exchange protocol built on zero-knowledge technology. It fills a key gap in the market by providing spot order book trading and grid trading within the Ethereum ecosystem, offering an experience similar to centralized exchanges.

Besides being user friendly, DeGate is built on the principle of Trustlessness, or “Can’t do evil”, with no admin key. You can expect super-low gas fees that are the result of DeGate’s special Efficient Gas Saving technology. This innovation ensures significant gas savings while maintaining a decentralized protocol. DeGate also enables permissionless listing, meaning that any tokens can be listed in a permissionless manner through an open listing mechanism. Expect DeGate Mainnet on Ethereum later this year.

We can’t wait to show you all that we’re building, with more to come. See our DeGate order book demo HERE.


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