DeGate Ecosystem Update - April 2021

Hi All! Here’s a summary of what DeGate has been up to in the month of April!

Key insights to note:

  1. Product Update, DeGate has launched DeGate L1- L2 bridge testnet between Kovan and Arbitrum testnets :clap:
  2. Initial DG Token Distribution, ss of the end of April, we have conducted three rounds of DG token distribution! :dizzy: We want to welcome all DG token holders- members to make proposals and vote on them as DeGate strive to be the protocol of the community!
  3. DeGate and community, we welcome open discussions on ETH, layer 2, DEX trading etc., on our forum page here :blush:

Join us in our journey as we work towards the goal of being theleading liquidity hub on Layer 2, to provide L2 DEX, which is a combination of AMM and orderbook trading.

To find out more, do click on the full article! Link here :arrow_right: DeGate Ecosystem Update | by DeGate Team | DeGate | Medium