DeGate Early Adopter NFT Pass Campaign

DeGate- Order Book DEX with ZK-Rollup on Ethereum is launching Mainnet Beta this May!

We thank all DeGate frens for their support and patience. The team at DeGate has been working hard to build a secure, user-friendly and efficient decentralized trading protocol and we are excited about the launch on the Ethereum Mainnet!

To commemorate the Mainnet Beta launch and show appreciation to our early supporters, DeGate is conducting Early Adopter NFT Pass campaign. Read on to learn more about it.

DeGate is security first protocol: we take the safety of users’ funds very seriously and do everything to ensure this. Last week, DeGate launched a Bug Bounty campaign with Immunefi, awarding $1.11 million to a hacker who finds a critical vulnerability in DeGate code.

Users are always in custody of their funds when trading on DeGate. The protocol’s standard deposit function works differently than the usual ‘approve’ function in DeFi and users do not give unlimited access to their funds. Check out on DeGate docs how DeGate’s standard deposit saves gas fees, improves user experience and ensures long-term security without approval risk.

DeGate Order Book DEX is a trustless protocol: there is no Admin Key, and once the code is deployed, it cannot be changed. There is no backdoor for anyone to access users’ funds, and no malicious actor can do any evil. Moreover, DeGate has Exodus Mode, which means that users can retrieve their funds from DeGate smart contract in an unlikely case of an operator going offline.

DeGate is launching Mainnet Beta version on Ethereum mainnet in early May. Should there be no critical errors in the code, this version of DeGate DEX will be launched as the Mainnet. DeGate Mainnet Beta is dedicated to inviting early users to stress-test DeGate DEX and be among the first users to use the protocol on Ethereum mainnet. The deposits to DeGate smart contract will be capped to a safe limit during the Mainnet Beta period, no more users will be accepted after this limit is reached.

To commemorate DeGate Mainnet Beta launch and appreciate DeGate early supporters, DeGate is conducting Early Adopter NFT Pass campaign. The NFT holders will be able to access DeGate Mainnet Beta one week before it is open to the public.

Early Adopter NFT Pass campaign mint details:

Hold the NFT and ensure your access to DeGate Mainnet Beta! Only 1,000 NFTs are available to mint.

The NFT mint is divided into two parts- community mint and public mint:

  • Community mint: those who got a place on the whitelist through community activities, will be able to start mint on 21 April 2023 7am UTC
  • Public mint: NFT mint is open to public on 22 April 2023 7am UTC

Connect your wallet to the NFT mint website

About DeGate

DeGate Order Book DEX protocol aims to make decentralized Order Book trading seamless and efficient, similar to the experience of centralized exchanges, but with much higher security and decentralization.

DeGate places a strong focus on the security of the protocol, running a bug bounty of up to $1.11million for a hacker who cracks the code. DeGate wants to ensure the most efficient experience while trading on a DEX. Users can expect very low trading fees, solid liquidity for trading ETH pairs and the ability to trade Limit Orders with Order Book on a DEX.

Trading on DeGate lets users Trade easy, Sleep easy.


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