In Search of the Holy Grail - BitGulu

BitGulu was an early investor in Bitcoin and the original co-translator of the Ethereum whitepaper into Chinese. In this much-quoted piece, he makes bold predictions about the future of Cryptocurrency, some of which have already come true!

The article was originally published in July 2018 by BitGulu, one of the founding members of DeGate DAO, and translated into English with the permission of the author in 2021! To read the full article, click on the link here :arrow_right: In Search of the Holy Grail. Editor’s note: This article was… | by DeGate Team | DeGate | Medium

In the article, we have some technical analysis on the prediction of the total market cap of crypto assets and smart contract platforms. Bit Gulu thoroughly break down his reasoning for the bold statement, blockchain-based mega-applications emerge within 8 years, with the market capitalization of a single project exceeding US$1 trillion.

My favourite part of the article in summary :slight_smile:
" With my imagination, I see possibilities for the holy grail of dApp:

  1. An algorithm-based stable coin for a decentralized global central bank.
  2. Bitcoin itself.
  3. Cryptography-based identity systems, such as Self-sovereign Identity, and the derivation Web-of-Trust."

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