DeGate Testnet Update

More than a thousand comments, feedback, suggestions and positive words left for us in the past couple of days… A total of more than 3000 users till date. It has been an amazing and humbling experience for us.
THANK YOU ALL! :heart:

You can be sure we read into every single comment/feedback which will undoubtedly aid us in building a better product for the community. With that in mind, we are excited to announce a brief testnet update!

Get 200 USDC AND 200 USDT test tokens instantly on your first deposit on Rinkeby

In order to make DeGate testnet a more seamless experience for users, we have decided to send 200 USDC AND 200 USDT test tokens upon their first deposit.

Receive 200 USDC AND 200 USDT test tokens instantly (Rinkeby)

There are no requirements on your first deposit, all token deposits will be eligible for the free 200 USDC AND 200 USDT test tokens. The stablecoins will be sent to your wallet via DeGate internal transfer mechanism almost instantly after the completion of your first deposit.

Internal transfer of 200 USDC AND 200 USDT test tokens (Rinkeby)

Get testing away and try DeGate Testnet! :eyes:


DeGate Testnet:
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How to get Testnet Rinkeby ETH:

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Testnet is still going on & DeGate works way better than before. So much improvement. Thanks to the team