DeGate in Lisbon- the crypto hub of Europe

Only one year ago, the first crypto events in Lisbon took place, attracting the international crypto community and supporting the vision of Portugal as a tech hub. Last year, the energy at Lisbon crypto events was ecstatic, and many of the attendees, builders and visionaries were talking about moving to Portugal- the next crypto destination.

One year later, Lisbon did manage to keep up with its promises. The crypto ecosystem is bubbling with major events taking place. This October, Lisbon hosted ETH Lisbon, Web Summit, FIL Lisbon and Solana Breakpoint, to name a few.

DeGate DAO continues building its community around the World and supporting the Ethereum ecosystem. As part of this strategy, DeGate sponsored ETH Lisbon, which took place at the end of October and invited hackers to build and express their vision.

Look no further when you want alpha: the event has gathered 605 participants, among them 352 hackers who submitted 97 projects!

DeGate, an orderbook DEX with ZKrollups on Ethereum, participated at ETH Lisbon along with Wallet Connect, IPFS/Filecoin, Arweave, zkSync and others.

DeGate had its special ‘swag’ during ETH Lisbon- the famous Ethereum poker cards. Being innovative pays off! The poker cards were among the most desirable gifts to receive once again.

What are DeGate Limited Edition Ethereum poker cards? Read the thread HERE.

Shout out to the winners of ETH Lisbon:

-Deterministic Encryption and Storage via Snap and IPFS

  • BibliothecaDAO

  • Realms Assassins

  • SafeCheck

  • Archive the Web

  • Multi Resolver Snap

  • Snap-Sync Verkle Trees

  • Lekker Finance - Zilly

  • ETH Lisbon

  • Trust score snap

  • GlacierDAO

Meet DeGate

DeGate continues building and getting ready for the Mainnet Launch. These days, trading on a Decentralized Exchange and having self-custody of funds has never been more topical. Those who conveniently held funds in centralized entities are reminded - not your keys, not your crypto.

DeGate DAO had a vision early on to build a Decentralized Exchange that has features and the user experience similar to that of Centralized Exchanges, only that is on a DEX!

We have been building a DEX based on the vision of Ethereum, the largest and most decentralized blockchain. DeGate utilizes Zero-Knowledge technology, which enables to rollup and process the transactions on DeGate’s Layer2, making trades low-fee, fast and efficient while staying on the Ethereum mainchain. You can place Limit Orders and set up grid trading strategies on DeGate DEX.

Want to learn more about DeGate and meet DeGate evangelists? See us next at ETH Vietnam on 25-26 November and ETH Taipei on 1-3 December.

About DeGate

DeGate, which operates as a DAO, is an orderbook DEX on Ethereum built with Zero-Knowledge technology. DeGate allows trade the spot market with Limit Orders on a DEX. In addition, DeGate offers a grid trading function.

DeGate is focused on being user-friendly and is built on the principle of Trustlessness, or ‘Can’t do evil’, with no Admin Key. Users can expect low gas fees that are the result of DeGate’s unique Efficient Gas Saving technology. This innovation ensures significant gas savings while maintaining a decentralized protocol.

DeGate also enables permissionless listing, meaning that any token can be listed in a permissionless manner through an open listing mechanism. Expect DeGate Mainnet on Ethereum later this year.


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This is amazing. Well done DeGate team

Always a joy reading and going through these pictures. One of the things that gives me hope even in the state of the seemingly hopeless markets.