AMA Ask Me Anything about DeGate

Welcome to DeGate community!

To mark the launch of DeGate Forum, we are announcing the AMA Ask Me Anything about DeGate week.

All questions will be answered- go ahead and learn more about the future of DEX trading on Layer 2!

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When will DeGate testnet bring more functions to test instead of now we can only do the L1-L2 bridge?

I saw you list DeGate fiat in the roadmap, is it against Layer 2 assets?

Hello, yes, DeGate will be offering fiat on/off ramps to Layer 2

Thank you for your question! We are paying close attention to the development trends of each mainstream layer 2 solution. DeGate development progress is very smooth and we will deploy layer 2 related protocols after the infrastructure release.
The whole DeGate ecosystem will include L1-L2 Bridge, AMM module, limit order trading, and fiat on/off ramps

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